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Below are links to support services, advice websites and groups that our members have used and recommend. It is not a fully comprehensive list but it aims to help you either start or continue your journey in discovering what help and support is available to you. It is seperated into FINANCIAL SUPPORT, HEALTH & WELLBEING, EDUCATION & ADVICE and LEISURE & SOCIAL sections.


Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Carers Allowance

Disbility Living Allowance (DLA) for children is available to help with the additional costs of a child that is under 16 years old and needs more looking after than a child of the same age who does not have a diability. If you look after someone for more than 35 hours a week you can also apply for Carers Allowance. For support in completing the forms you can speak to Carers Resource who have helped many families successfully apply for both benefits.

Family Fund

Family Fund is the UK’s largest charity providing grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. They provide grants for a wide range of items, such as washing machines, sensory toys, family breaks, bedding, tablets, furniture, outdoor play equipment, clothing and computers. It can be a struggle financially, emotionally and physically for families raising a disabled or seriously ill child and these grants help break down many of the barriers families face, improving their quality of life and easing the additional daily pressures.


PhysCap is a Yorkshire based charity run completely by volunteers. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children suffering from severe physical and mental disabilities within the Yorkshire area.

PhysCap are the last resort for families who may have limited funds to buy specialist or therapeutic equipment for their children to help make their lives a little easier. They work very closely with therapists, hospitals and local specialist schools in our area who know our reputation and refer many families to us. In the past, we have supported children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Cats Eye Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome and Muscular Dystrophy to name but a few.

Short Breaks (NYCC)

This is overnight care provided in a short break carer’s home for a disabled child referred by the Disabled Children’s Service (DCS). It increases the disabled child or young person’s opportunities, by making new friends outside of the family circle, getting involved in activities they enjoy and growing in independence. It also gives parents a break from caring or a chance to do something with another child in the family that the disabled child might not enjoy or may struggle with.


Harrogate and District Specialist Childrens Services

Harrogate Child Development Centres offer a range of services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, clinical psychology, paediatrician services, specialist nursing and autism assessment. The Specialist Children’s Services Team has two Child Development Centres; Harrogate District Hospital Hambleton and Richmondshire (Northallerton)

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS is used as a term for all services that work with children and young people who have difficulties with their emotional or behavioural wellbeing.



Contact supports families with the best possible guidance and information. They aim to bring families together to support each other and help families to campaign, volunteer and fundraise to improve life for themselves and others.


Headway aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers.

Independant Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA)

IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). They also provide training on the SEND legal framework to parents and carers, professionals and other organisations.

North Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum (NYPACT)

NYPACT is the forum for parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in North Yorkshire. NYPACT’s mission is to listen and respond to the voice of family parent carers and carers of children with SEND across North Yorkshire by:

* coordinating information

* enabling mutual support

* developing and facilitating co-operative and influential partnerships with the aim of improving support to families.

SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)

SENDIASS provides free and impartial information, advice and support for children, young people and young adults (up to 25 years old) with special educational needs and / or disabilities as well as their parents or carers.


SENTAS is a non-profit community interest company formed to provide parents and young adults with information, advice and advocacy around issues with SEN home to school and college transport.

Special Needs Jungle website

Special Needs Jungle creates easy to understand resources, articles and information for parents and carers of children with special needs, disabilities and health conditions to better enable them to navigate the special needs system. We aim to inform, educate and empower families to self-advocate confidently, so their children get the help they need to live the best life they can.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Consultancy Service

Special Educational Needs and Disability Consultancy Service advise and support in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities relating to children and young people up the age of 25. They always seek to work in partnership with parent carers, schools and other professionals to ensure that children and young people have their needs met and can progress and flourish. Although they are based in the East Riding of Yorkshire, we are able to work throughout England and Wales.


SOS!SEN offer a free, friendly, independent and confidential telephone helpline for parents and others looking for information and advice on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). They are a national charity aiming to empower parents and carers of children with SEN to tackle successfully themselves the difficulties they face when battling for their children’s rights, concentrating on helping people to find their way through the legal and bureaucratic maze that is so daunting to so many.


Re4M was formed by a body of parents, families and friends of adults with special needs from the Ripon area. The group sprang from a common need for mutual support and from the wish to share time and experiences together. Their aim is to foster and maintain friendships between people of all ages and abilities and to develop further support and understanding through safe, fun organised and inclusive activities, events and get togethers.


Autism Angels

Autism Angels work with parents and professionals to improve the lives of all children using Equine Facilitated Coaching. They are a registered Charity with centres in the North and South of England and offer a range of programmes and events to support any individual or families’ needs.

Adversity United

Under 12's disability football club in based in Harrogate. Boys and girls of all abilities welcome. Training takes place on Tuesday's at Harrogate Grammar School 4:30 - 5:30pm.


Lego®-based therapy is a social development tool for children and young people. It aims to encourage children to practice joint attention, turn taking, sharing, joint problem solving, listening and general social communication skills whilst building with Lego®. It can also help promote self-esteem, confidence and motivation. BrickTime offers after-school and weekend clubs and Lego®-based therapy training for parents, schools staff and professionals.

Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group

Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group's aim is to provide opportunities for people with a wide range of disabilities to enjoy the unique benefits of horse riding and carriage driving. Follifoot Park Disabled Riders Group see disability as a starting point from which everyone can achieve something.


Lollipop offers opportunities for children and young people with any degree of deafness from mild to profound and their families to meet and build friendships with others, with whom they share their experiences of deafness.

Max Card

The Max Card is the UK’s leading discount card for foster families and families of children with additional needs. Families can use their Max Card at venues across the UK to get free or discounted admission. Previously, this was administered by NYPACT, however, following loss of funding they are no longer able distribute the Max Card in North Yorkshire and there is currently no alternative in place. Community First are hoping to be granted some funding to replace NYPACT. In the meantime Little Hiccups charity in Leeds have said they will cover what they can. You can visit their website here.

The Ohana Committee are in discussions directly with Max Card and will update this section when new details are known.

Time Together

Time Together is a local charity with over twenty years of experience providing support packages for individuals in the Harrogate and District area with disabilities and additional needs - including Autism Spectrum conditions, learning difficulties and physical disabilities.  They also facilitate various social clubs and activity groups to help reduce social isolation in the local community, including Games Zone, Next Gen and Happy Mondays.

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